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Client Testimonials - For Bishop's Stortford and Great Dunmow Hypnotherapist,Jon Hicks

If you are considering hypnotherapy look no further. The explanations of how we process emotion are brilliant and I found intriguing -the therapy deals with the deeper thoughts you dont even realise you have buried and for me it just works. Anxiety gone confidence gained and I know I am enough - Thank you Jon



I visited Jon around 4 weeks ago due to me not being able to lose weight .

I have been a yo yo dieter for more years than I can remember and have tried everything ‘. I paid for WW. Slimming world gym membership all the usual things but lost it then put it back on as I couldn’t get to the classes due to work etc

After reading about hypnotherapy I thought I should give this a try . What had I got to lose ? I am 55 yrs old and although sceptical about it as I know what I should and shouldn’t eat why do I need someone else to tell me and pay them for that ? Well I am now just over one stone lighter in 4 weeks and feel amazing I have changed my eating habits completely and I shock myself at times at with my new way of eating without even trying . I have still another stone to go but can see it happening with no effort at all from my part . I can’t thank Jon enough fir this as it’s so nice when people say wow you look amazing how much weight have you lost ? Even my boss said yesterday at a meeting ‘ look at you ! You lost a lot of weight. I am wearing clothes one size smaller that have been in the cupboard for years. Kept buying and saying I’ll slim into that ! Well I feel amazing healthier and delighted with the results . I cannot recommend Jon enough . Think on the time and money spent on the classes the meals etc. You don’t need any of that I had 3 sessions and it was worth every penny and more. If you think you have tried everything but haven’t tried hypnotherapy with Jon then you are wasting valuable time . He is very nice makes you feel comfortable and gets results ‘ B.

Hi Jon

I trust you are well?

Apologies for such a delay in getting back to you with an update of my smoking habit. Not sure if you remember but I came to you towards the end of January of this year to seek help in quitting smoking. You will be pleased to hear that I have not touched a cigarette since! In total I am now 281 days smoke free and feeling great. Don’t even think about it, which is good.

Just wanted to share my good news and extend a huge ‘Thank You’ to you for getting me over that final hurdle.

Kind Regards


Hi Jon,

Its a good few weeks since my smoking cessation appt with you on that rainy Monday evening and as promised wanted to check in to update you. Its a simple one really. I haven't had a cigarette since I saw you and have been out on a few nights drinking and socialising which was often my trigger for lighting up. As you predicted the key thing is that smoking is now something I don't really think about, although I have thought a lot about being a non-smoker and that feels good. Its the times when it doesn't enter my mind as a craving that feel best even if at the time I'm not really conscious of it but certainly afterwards its very pleasing.

I feel better all round for it and sincerely hope the 'foundations' which feel pretty well embedded never resurface. At this point I can't see how they would.

All the best


Hello Jon,

I would like to thank you for your services of hypnotherapy to relieve my anxiety symptoms. You taught me the skills I need in order to gain confidence and to keep improving myself. The whole time you made me feel at ease and comfortable in your consultations. If I ever need any further help in the future I will not hesitate to contact you.

Kind regards,


Thanks for coming back to me. I’ve now lost 6lbs - hurrah!

No need to reply - I’ll let you know when I get to the first stone.

Best wishes


Hi Jon, thank you for what you have done for me, I am now a non smoker and my life has totally changed. I visited you on the 9th March, the church bells were ringing and I’ve never looked back. Kind regards, Joanne.

Hi Jon,

I wanted to thank you for the whole experience of having my hypnoband fitted. I found it a very relaxing and positive thing, now I know I'm in control it has been very easy to lose weight. I've learnt it isn't about diets but about healthy eating. I lost 1 stone 9 pounds in 6 weeks and feel very confident about losing the rest of my weight.

Many Thanks


If you are troubled, would like help but are concerned about hypnoanalysis – please don’t be.

I am at the end of a course with Jon and he has helped me enormously with both childhood and later traumas. His therapy is relaxing and helps clear the mind to allow us to access those inner demons in order to rid us of their potency. At no time have I felt any lack of control; hypnoanalysis has merely allowed me to talk without embarrassment or fear of ‘making a fool’ of myself. I highly recommend it to you.

Thanks for reading this; AW.

Good Afternoon Jon, its Steve here, I hope you are well, I came to see you a month ago today to stop smoking, just to confirm I have not had a single cigarette . All I can say is it worked and is pretty unbelievable, thanks, I recommend you to everyone.

Hi my name is Martin. I went to see Jon Hicks a few weeks ago for some anxiety in locking doors .I was a bit sceptical to start 'but Jon makes you feel calm and at ease .after 3 or 4 sessions I felt so much better and more confident in myself and locking doors' I would highly recommend Jon he has helped me a lot I know have the tools to cope with life thank you Jon for all your help. Martin?

Thanks for everything Jon, with your guidance and knowledge I have changed my life profoundly and all in 4 weeks. I got rid of a long held public speaking fear and on top of that major aspects of my life have improved that I wasn’t even trying to improve! it’s happened automatically by applying what I learnt from the Thrive programme. Confidence asking women out, not feeling the need to get drunk anymore, my mood is balanced all day everyday, generally much more confident in any social situation. I really do feel like a new and improved version of myself, I wish I found Jon earlier, years ago.

To anyone thinking about seeing Jon for any problem you have what so ever, just do it, Jon is a friendly, caring and intelligent guy, you will not regret it. This sort of stuff should be taught to everyone as children, even if you don’t feel you have any problems in your life you will still benefit from this in one way or another and it will prepare you to easily get through anything life throws at you in the future.

Thanks for showing me that I can fix and improve anything in my life.


Hi Jon,

Hope you are well. I promised to let you know when I’d lost a stone. I’ve been tantalisingly stuck at just under 14lbs for about three weeks and now suddenly I’m over that milestone and have lost a total of 16lbs. It’s 15 weeks since our session at Ned's in April, so I’m still on track with losing one pound per week.

I know the next 12lbs are going to be tough but my tummy is certainly smaller than a honeydew melon and heading towards the grapefruit goal!

I hope you’re well and not suffering with the heat too much.

Best wishes


"Hi Jon,

Dan has asked me to email you to let you know how he's been doing since his visit to you in November

He is now coming into his 7th week we believe, he's been reaping the benefits of feeling that he can walk further when playing golf, run quicker when playing squash and definitely feeling healthier. His taste buds are really coming to the fore!....he now sweats when eating the same food he's eaten for years but used to laugh at me for saying it was so strong!! He can smell smells that he never noticed before but best of all for me, smells good himself!!! He actually has avoided people smoking because of how bad it smells and this is a constant reminder to him to never go back!!

So whatever you planted in his mind, whether it's parting with the amount of cash that helped 'nail' that what a waste he's literally burning before his own eyes or just what an awful habit he was in, seeing you has, at this moment in time, cracked it!

He's tried so many times before, vaping, tablets, patches but has never got past probably one week! a MASSIVE thank you to you!!

Here's to a healthier 2018 and definitely a happier Dan!

Thanks Jon!

From his very appreciative wife,

And of course, Dan.

Happy New Year!"

"I went to see Jon about a destructive personal habit which involved constantly touching an area of my face, and an associated degree of trichotillomania. John asked me to come up with something positive to say to myself when I started to do the destructive actions - a mantra if you like. I thought up something very short and un-profound, but positive and meaningful to me. I was amazed, having had this habit for years and years, and it having become increasingly severe and damaging, that I had pretty much stopped doing it by my third session. I had replaced the negative, berating, threats to myself about this behaviour, with a calm, positive message. I now want to apply this thinking to other areas of my life."


"Dear Jon

I'd like to say a massive thank you.

When I came to see you first, my life was very stressful and full of negativity. I disliked myself, was unhappy and desperate. My self-esteem hit rock bottom. Your sessions opened my eyes to new possibilities and gave me the skills needed to cope with life in a totally new light. I can truly say I'm a new person. I'm feeling happy, much more confident at work as well as in my personal life and I can now deal with life's little problems in a calm manner. I can teach these skills to my children and, hopefully, make their lives easier too. I can honestly say, I am a changed person.

Again, thank you very much for your guidance and help.

Kind regards"


"For over 50 years I have experienced a fear of having blood taken, seeing blood and needles in general. I thought that I would get better as I got older but this wasn't to be. I learnt on the internet that this phobia is known as tyranophobia and is actually a fear of fainting which I experienced each time. Knowing I had 2 hospital procedures coming up I really didn't want to feel this way anymore.

I found Jon Hicks on his web site, which is very informative and went for the initial consultation. During this session I learnt immediately that this belief could be changed and that I could have control over the way I felt in these situations. This was a revelation in itself and after one further session I was able to have blood tests and the medical procedure without fear and without the consequences of getting over-anxious. This immediately boosted my self- confidence and made me realise that the phobia I had experienced for all those years was actually self inflicted and self-perpetuating.

In the following 5 sessions I learnt that our beliefs and use of language have a huge impact on our daily lives and that how we choose to use them is totally down to us - another revelation! The book that accompanies the sessions is very readable and helps to reinforce the discussions. So I would recommend this to anyone who has a phobia or wants to change their life style in some way or other. My self esteem has increased and my anxiety levels reduced.

I found Jon very easy to talk to and immediately felt comfortable about saying things in order to make changes. There is no magic trick, no short term only measures, just clearly explained and common sense ways of making your life better.

Thanks again Jon, I could never have imagined the changes I could make and having fun too!"
Mary Stewart

"Hi Jon

Just wanted to write to thank you for your time with the Thrive programme. I had originally gone to see Jon to receive hypnotherapy for my son aged 12 to help his emetephobia which was limiting his day to day activities including attending school and using transport. I felt powerless to help him but knew I had to do something. I was very surprised when Jon suggested the Thrive programme as I hadn't heard of it but Jon was very reassuring that it would help my son to get better completely and I trusted his judgement albeit I was a little apprehensive especially as I was doing the programme in order to help my son!

From the moment I received the book, I believed. Jon explained each part of the book over a few weeks and his knowledge, enthusiasm and belief in the programme was infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed each session. I was armed with the knowledge I needed to talk to my son about his emetephobia and anxieties about school and using transport. The difference in my son has been incredible. He has been so pleased that I have seen Jon and now feels that he can get better because of what I have taught him. He has attended school without any worries and visited the orthodontist last week where the dental nurse asked if he was still suffering from feeling 'sick' and shaking when he went there. My son actually laughed and said 'no' stating that he couldn't believe that he had felt like that the last time! Speaks volumes! The book is very easy to follow, hard to put down and you feel that Rob Kelly is talking personally to you. It changes the way you see your belief systems and it made my son realise (as well as myself) that beliefs we have can be changed even if they are habitual! Thank you Jon for suggesting I do this programme, it has been incredibly enjoyable, fulfilling and most importantly, life changing!"


Hi Jon,
thanks so much for helping me to overcome my 30 year fear of flying. I have just returned from an amazing holiday in Australia which included 6 flights in total.This time last year I would never have thought that this would be possible, I'm so proud of myself and am looking forward to many more wonderful trips.

As well as overcoming this fear I now find that I have a beautiful set of manicured nails when prior to the therapy I had been a nail biter for as long as I can remember.I have also lost half a stone in weight without even trying. I guess I just don't have the need to comfort eat any more.

Once again thanks for helping me take charge of my life, I am so much more confident( I even tried snorkelling when before I couldn't stand getting my face splashed when swimming!)My family are amazed by the change in me."


“ For 21 years I had suffered on and off with M.E at varying levels, quite often completely debilitating. I had learned to just put up with it, but after seeing Jon I have never had a single bout of M.E since. It has been over a year since I saw Jon. I am confident and well. Jon taught me how to manage stress. Being ill was a coping mechanism that I had learned to deal with stress as a child, so it was a matter of re-learning how to deal with stress and facing up to things with confidence and not shrinking into illness.
When I look back at how ill I used to be, I just wish that I had met Jon so many years ago. We are told that there is nothing that can be done for M.E.... Go to Jon with an open mind, (you may not always find the challenges easy), and get yourself well. I did it after all those can you.”

I can not thank you enough Jon. I hope you are well.
Kindest regards"


"Around a year ago I watched a piece on TV about the HypnoBand, I watched with interest but dismissed it, after all if it was as easy as the lady on TV was saying then why wasnt everybody doing it? So a year later, with goodness knows how many more failed attempts at losing weight and another couple of stone heavier, my local Bystander magazine fell on the doormat. Inside I found an advertisment for Jons practice, one of the things he was offering was the HypnoBand, my first thought was about the cost, but I worked out how much I had spent on joining various slimming clubs and all the ''diet food'' I'd purchased and it was way way more than the cost of the HypnoBand. I was so nervous of contacting Jon, it meant I'd have to tell someone what I weighed! I was so ashamed of myself and any thought about my weight reduced me to tears. I took a deep breath and made the appointment to see Jon. It was the best decision I have made. From the very first meeting with Jon I actually felt for the first time I could do something about my weight, he totally put me at my ease and he didnt preach at me, he didnt tell me what I had to weigh or what I should weigh, I made my own goal and I knew that things were going to be different this time. I shed a few tears at the first meeting, some of them were because I felt so awful about myself, but some were from relief at actually having someone that understood how I was feeling. From that day I haven't looked back, I actually lost 8lb before my first session, purely down to the fact that Jon told me I could make my own choices and he told me how to make the right choices. Its been a couple of months now and I have lost over 2st and it has been easy, Jon told me it would be, of course I didnt totally believe it, but it is. During the hypnosis sessions I felt totally relaxed and at ease and I just took all the information Jon was giving me on board without even realising, I found that even before the ''operation'' I was making healthier choices I wasnt letting food rule my life anymore. The operation was amazing, I actually thought I was in theatre, there was no pain of any kind at all, I was totally relaxed and in control at all times. When I woke after the op there was definately a sensation in my tummy, not unpleasent or painful in any way, just a slight feeling of tightness, it only lasted a couple of days. Since my op my portion sizes are a quarter of what they used to be, I actually have to be reminded sometimes that I haven't eaten, I no longer watch the clock waiting for lunch time or dinner time to come round, I no longer go straight to the fridge if I'm upset or feeling down, I've learnt to deal with my feelings and negative thoughts in a different way, I no longer feel that I have to finish every scrap of food on my plate, in fact I get a great sense of achievement at leaving food on my plate. I know it sounds dramatic, but Jon and the HypnoBand have changed my life, I know for the first time ever that I am going to succeed, my whole attitude towards food has changed. I am looking forward to the future and continuing with my weight loss. I am very grateful to you Jon for your continued support. I only have one regret and that is I didnt contact you sooner, I cannot recommend the HypnoBand system highly enough. "
Mrs N, Great Dunmow


"For as long as I can remember, back to childhood in fact, I have felt I am not one of the lucky ones in life. Other people were always surprised when I told them I was not a confident person. The feeling of being put on the spot, standing or talking in front of people made me feel uncomfortable, nervous and self-conscious. Particularly when in groups numbering more than a handful.  I was aware through wider reading that I probably had low self-esteem, maybe even social anxiety, but couldn’t understand why or what was wrong with me? I assumed it was a condition I had to live with, tolerate and avoid situations that made feel uncomfortable.

By chance one day I read in a newspaper that a former 60’s pop star (Sandie Shaw) had suffered for many years with stage fright and had turned to hypnotherapy to overcome the problem and was now running a clinic to help other suffers. Not in the pop star/performer field myself, I searched instead for a local hypnotherapist and found Jon Hicks.

Jon offered a non-committal consultation and explained I had an extremely straightforward case of social anxiety and recommended working through Rob Kelly’s book, Thrive.

What I have learnt is what in many ways I already knew, bizarrely, but hadn’t fully understood how it actually worked and came together. Like most things in life, it could be changed too.

Thrive explains how beliefs which stem from the voice in our heads, our thoughts, can be self-limiting beliefs. It also explains how they are formed, maintained and grown. They are therefore any though that does not add to living a great, rewarding and comfortable life. More importantly for me was how to recognize, stop, minimize and change my self limiting thoughts or beliefs. Understanding that simple process has had a profound effect on my life and changed a lifetime of thinking in just a few short weeks. Easily.

I often read testimonials with an element of cynicism but can honestly say Thrive has transformed my life in a far bigger way than I could have imagined. I am not unique -  anyone can do the same.

Ps – Using Thrives techniques, I have also stopped smoking after 25 years and never previously felt I’d ridded myself of the demon. I have now."


"Never having visited a Hypnotherapist before I was dubious about it and the possible consequences of the treatment.

At the initial appointment Jon fully explained everything and allayed my concerns in a very caring professional manner.

I presented with a myriad of psychological 'hang ups' from my childhood and beyond and, over a period of 3 months, Jon managed to disentangle them. This was not an easy process for me (or him!) and I did find it hard sometimes but I have to say that now I feel so relaxed, calm, confident, self assured and have a far better understanding of myself having released a lot of unnecessary 'baggage' I was carrying for so long.

This is entirely attributable to Jon's professional expertise. From the start he was extremely reassuring and I have no hesitation in recommending his practice to all. He is a gem!
Thanx a million Jon."


"I have been trying to lose weight for a couple of years and couldn’t even manage to lose 1lb, despite being a qualified personal trainer and having qualifications in sports nutrition and knowing what I should be doing, it just didn’t happen. My biggest weakness was treating myself to a takeaway once a week (sometimes more) I decided to try hypnotism to stop me wanting to eat junk food and also to help me to try to eat healthier.

I booked in for 3 sessions of hypnotism and since my first session, 10 weeks ago now, I have not even wanted to eat takeaways (even when my partner was indulging) I can honestly say that I have not even fancied eating unhealthy food.

I have lost 12lbs in the last 10 weeks, with no effort whatsoever and would highly recommend hypnotism as a safe, healthy way to lose weight with the minimum of effort
Thanks Jon"


"I had 10 sessions with Jon at Bigods Hall and as the weeks passed I felt my mood lifting week by week and after just a few weeks I'd managed to come off my anti-depressant tablets and at the end of my course I felt, and still feel truly happy. Many of my "inner demons" have completely dissapeared and I live a happy life. I'll always be grateful to Jon - Thank you!"
JH Essex



After some weeks of deliberation, I finally got round to telephone Jon Hicks at Bigods Hall Hypnotherapy Clinic for an appointment. I have been suffering from Emetophobia since I was a child, and am now in my 50`s. Firstly it was encouraging to see on the web site how common emetophobia is- I had always imagined myself to be almost the only person in the world to suffer from it!

I had 12 weeks of therapy with Jon Hicks, six of which was hypnotherapy which I found relaxing and relieved me of clutter in my mind... The next six sessions were concerned with "Changing Limiting Beliefs" - basically re-educating me in my thinking and feelings. A combination of the two has made an amazing difference to me. I am now happier and more confident than I have ever been, and learning how to change my thinking and beliefs has had the effect of diminishing the emetophobia considerably.

Jon is an excellent therapist, and clearly and patiently discussed all aspects of my treatment.

His sympathy and common sense approach to life`s difficulties made the sessions enjoyable and I always felt so much better for seeing him. I found some excercises challenging, but the difference I feel at the end of the course has made it all worth while, and I would recommend anyone with mind problems to go to Jon.

Many Thanks Jon"
Catherine, Great Dunmow

"I was beginning to think that there really wasn't 'a light at the end of
the tunnel', where I was concerned. Over the last 30 years I had spent
over 20 of them on antidepressants,have been suicidal
on many occasions and failed in the attempt. I have seen psychiatrists,
counsellors and had NLP (neuro linguistic programming). The endless
expensive rounds of alternative therapies were to no avail either.

Then I saw Jon's advert in a local magazine, with absolutely nothing to
lose, having tried everything else...I booked for a free consultation. I
was immediately put at ease. Jon explained how our memory works in easy to
understand terms. I had originally gone along to ask for help with losing
weight, antidepressants can make you fat! He told me that my other issues
needed addressing first and then everything else would fall in
place.........he was so right!

The experience wasn't what I had imagined, as you are 'aware' all the time
you are 'under'. After a few sessions I was able to talk about something
so buried in my memory I had no conscious recollection of it. That was a
life changing moment, as from then on,I felt so totally different and
continue to do so some months later. I cannot remember having ever felt so
positive! I am coming off the antidepressants too.Sure some things still
irritate me, but that's life, the big plus is now-they don't occupy every
waking thought and I don't physically feel ill with the stress of it all.

If you are still undecided about whether to try Hypnotherapy, I would say
to anyone, give it a life is so much better now, better than
I could have imagined.

Thanks Jon!"
Anne, Dunmow


"Dear Jon, Thank you so much for making the Changing Limiting Beliefs course so interesting, I really enjoyed talking with you each week. I learned a lot during the course and the six weeks passed so quickly. Putting the car into the garage is no longer a problem and this was my biggest problem when I first came to see you. I also feel more confident now.

Best Wishes and Many Thanks"
K. D Harlow
Obssesive Compulsiveness


"I was worried about my teenage daughter, she had gone from being happy confident and bubbly to staying in her room and not being able to deal with life anymore. I went to see Jon who I had never met before to see if he could help. He introduced me to a 6 wk course called "Changing Limiting Beliefs" This course has been amazing- not only has it given me the confidence and knowledge to help my Daughter, who is now happier and is now building her self-confidence back up, but also changed my life too. I am now happier and more confident than I have ever been and understand a lot more about the way we think, which I can now pass on to my family. Many Thanks to Jon"
S. L Felsted


"I got in touch with Jon when I realised that my anxiety was starting to take over my life and I couldn't see how I could control it. At the first session I was extremely nervous as I found it hard to express my fears and feelings but Jon's professionalism soon calmed any nerves I had.

Following the "Changing Limiting Beliefs" book over just a few weeks I have already realised that my anxieties and fears are just the result of badly managed thinking. Sessions with Jon and completing the series of exercises in the book have already led to me knowing I can conquer my anxieties and I am already happier, more confident and have much higher self-esteem. Thanks Jon!"


"I had been taking anti depressants for over 7 years and had counselling through my GP and employer to no avail. I thought the root to all my problems were weight related and tried every diet known to man. I originally saw Jon`s advert in a local magazine and thought "what the hell, I`ve tried everything"
and gave him a ring. I went for a free consultation and felt at ease instantly. Jon recommended hypnotherapy, I had five sessions, I will admit they were not always easy. I learnt to let go of a load of junk that I had been carrying around for years. I felt so much happier, like a huge weight of guilt had been lifted. We then went on to do some work on Changing Limiting Beliefs. I can honestly say that within a week I had decided to cut my anti depressant dosage by half. By the third week, I had stopped taking them completely. I didnt need them anymore.

Jon is a brilliant therapist and I recommend visiting him to everybody who has been living with a limiting belief system. Things happen, but Jon has helped me build a strong belief system that I can face any challenge

Thank you Jon, I will always be grateful for your help."
Jane, Dunmow


"Hi Jon,

Just a quick E-Mail to say Thank you very much for all what you have done for me, I came to you at the end of February 2011 and we decided after a consultation that I would be suitable for a Hypno Band, Having two sessions I felt really good and then my actual operation went really well. 

At this date in writing this to you I can actually say that in total so far I have lost four stone in weight and have felt so much better about myself and so many people have started to notice the change in me.

I would always recommend this treatment as this has only been the one that has worked for me so far!!!.
 Thank you again so much"
J R Dunmow, - Hypnoband weight loss therapy
(dated 6th June 2011)

UPDATE: " Hi John, As from today (12/10/11) I have lost 6 stone 2Lb and feeling great. Thank you again for everything. JR"


"At times the therapy was challenging and I wanted to give up. With Jons professional guidance and support, I`ve now reached a point where I feel more in control of my life and am able to manage the stresses that come with it. Many thanks Jon"
M.R Great Dunmow


"Hi Jonathan,

I promised to drop you a line to let you know how it was going now that I have had the "treatment".      I deliberately left it a month or so, as I knew that it would probably tail off and I would go back to my old habits and put the weight back on again.

I am well and truely wrong on that one.!     I am one size down in clothing and still loosing weight at a steady rate .   O.K. not rapidly, and I still cannot hide behind a
streetlamp but I am well on the way.

What pleases me most is that I do not spend all day thinking about food or feeling hungry.   I returned last weekend from a holiday in France and I had put weight ON.   
ONE POUND !      That is already gone back down without effort on my part.

I did not torture myself, I got stuck-in to the Coconut Ice-cream and red wine.

Well done Jonathan, you have changed my whole outlook on life, as well as trouser size.

Gratefully yours

John G"

"Hi Jon,
Just a note to say thank you very much for helping me through hypnotherapy and the Changing Limiting Beliefs course. Not only has the process helped me to completely overcome an anxiety-related sexual problem, which was my reason for starting the treatment, but it's changed the way I look at all experiences in life and I feel on top of the world. I can achieve anything because I now have the tools to manage my thinking effectively. I would encourage anyone to try hypnotherapy and/or Changing Limiting Beliefs because it really does change your life!
Thank you again. "
M T.

"Hi John,
Thankyou so much for giving me the confidence to move forward in my life, I have a new found belief in myself that i know will stay with me always. I am looking forward to starting our new business which i know will be a great success.

Once again many thanks"
Sherri . Great Dunmow

"I went to see Jon because of my anxiety that I was going to wet myself. It wasn't a monumental difficulty but it was a thought which occurred a lot and I wanted it to go away. Jon helped me to sort it out and it's no longer a problem.

Jon was relaxed but professional and non-judgemental. Improvement was gradual but after a while, although the thought still popped into my head that I might wet myself, when it did, I felt I had control and I knew it wouldn't happen. However, I wanted not to even think about it so that it wasn't an issue anymore and that is the case now. It has been two months since my last appointment with Jon and I know that the problem is resolved. As an added bonus, the process has helped me to sort out other issues and anxieties and view myself in a positive way.

Thank you, Jon. I am so very grateful to you for all your help, kindest regards, F"

"Dear Jon,
Just to let you know that after I saw you about smoking , I have not smoked or even wanted one, and I am so pleased with the result, as I smoked about twenty a day, all my life. I feel better and enjoy my life better as a result.
once again thank you very much,
Yours Sincerely,"
D S. Dunmow

"Hi Jon

I cant tell you how delighted I am that in just a month I have lost 1 stone and am confident I will continue to lose the weight I have never been successful in losing on previous diets. I must confess I was dubious about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and am amazed at how successful it has been for me. I cant begin to tell you what a difference it has made to my life - thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Kind regards

Mr P, Great Dunmow, Insomnia

MR B, Great Dunmow, Smoking Cessation

Amanda, Little Dunmow Smoking Cessation

After 2 WEEKS I HAVE ALREADY LOST 9lbs, I can`t tell you how happy I am.
Mrs M Basildon, Weight Loss

Feeling very positive about eating healthily and also feel AMAZING!
S.L Felsted Weight Loss

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